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Aphrodite Beauty Club

What is the Aphrodite Beauty Club?


The Aphrodite Beauty Club is a loyalty club that allows us to reward you, our loyal customers.

Once signed up, you will be provided with an exclusive membership card to bring along with you upon every visit, which will allow you to earn points every time you make a purchase.

You'll also receive emails from us on a regular basis featuring new products and treatments, special Birthday surprises, and invitations to our exclusive Aphrodite events.


How do you join?


Joining the Aphrodite Beauty Club is completely free and couldn't be easier…

Just visit the Aphrodite Beauty Studio and fill in a short membership form (if you haven't already done so!). You'll then be issued with your membership card, and can start earning points straight away!


How do you earn points?


You'll earn 4 points for every £1 spent on products and treatments at Aphrodite Beauty Studio.

All points issued will build up under your unique membership account; your points can then be redeemed against future purchases, providing you with valuable savings!

Each point is worth 1p, for example…

  • Spend £10, earn 40 points, which are worth 40p in future savings.
  • Spend £100, earn 400 points, which are worth £4 in future savings.


There is no limit to the amount of points that you can save up to earn bigger discounts, however please do ensure that you redeem your points within two years of their original issue, as they will automatically expire after this period, and we wouldn’t want you to lose out.


Aphrodite will also be running bonus point periods during the year, so make sure you lookout for these exciting offers in your email inbox, and remember… book your appointments as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment!


Redeeming your points


You can redeem your points against any products and treatments within Aphrodite Beauty Studio, providing you have a minimum balance of 100 points on your account.

Any points issued during a purchase can only be redeemed during subsequent transactions/visits to Aphrodite.

Points do not carry any cash value, and as such cannot be exchanged for cash payment.


Managing your account     


If any of your contact details should change, please ensure that you update a member of the team either during your next visit, by phone 01502 734343, or by email

If your card is lost or stolen, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can temporarily suspend your account. A £5.00 fee will be charged for a replacement card; and your full points balance will be transferred over to the new account.