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Fun in the Sun: Six facts about Sun Cream protection that you might not know

A lot of us know it's important to wear Sun Cream when you're enjoying the heat of the Summer, but what about the rest - wouldn't it to be nice to know a little bit more about why it's important, with hints and tips for skincare to enhance and protect the well-being of your skin all year round?

We certainly found it interesting to dig a little deeper to find out a bit more - especially in preparation for the Summer months ahead. You might be surprised at how much you didn't know...

6 simple sun cream facts - test how much you already knew too!

1. How much do you need? A volume of one shot-glass-worth of sun cream to cover the body, and you should apply sun cream 15 minutes before going outdoors. Don't forget your lips and your ears!

2. TOP TIP: For those with oily skin or prone to acne, it's recommended that you use a water based sun cream (there are lots of brands to choose from!)

3. FUN FACT: Ambre Solaire was introduced in the 1930s, an oily lotion easier to apply to the skin than the previously concocted paste made up of horse chestnut extracts

4. Enhances health of the skin. Not only can it double up as a moisturiser, the essential skin proteins, such as collagen, keratin, and elastin are protected by sun cream (these proteins are required for keeping your skin smooth and healthy) which makes it an important part of skincare all year round!

5. How it protects your skin. The particles in Sun Creams provide physical protection against UV rays by blocking or reflecting sunlight.


6. Sun Protection Factor (SPF). Physicians recommend SPF 15 and SPF 30 - going higher doesn't necessarily mean you can leave it longer before you re-apply.