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Ghoulishly Good Get Up!

In preparation for everyone's favourite fright night, we have researched some of the best party make-up to put the finishing touches to your Halloween get up so that you're dressed to scare... From Kryolan Paints to give you a smooth finish if you want to be a ragdoll or skeleton, to Liquid Latex to give you a fake skin effect for those that want to be zombies or look like they have cuts and scars. You can also roll up tissue paper and use this to create crater effects for wounds. This year could be your creepiest character yet! And there's nothing like being prepared, take a look at some of the amazing tricks you can use to create a monster in time for Halloween...

Liquid latex can give your skin a dry, wrinkled effect and is really good for creating cuts.

Kryolan paint is good for getting a smooth surface for a base as it is greasepaint.

Fake blood for those vampires/wounded walkers.

Tissue paper: Scrunch up and stick to your skin to create wounds, match and blend into the paint/make-up used on your skin.

Contact lenses: If you’re feeling like going all out, why not buy some contact lenses? Use them in both or just one eye to create a really creepy look! 
Top tip: It’ll be helpful to put your contacts in before you put on paint/make-up so you don’t smudge it (but do be careful not to push on your eye too hard whilst applying your eye make-up)

Coal eye-liner: if you want really dark eyes, use black coal eye-liner on your water line so there isn’t a gap between the dark paint/eye-shadow and your eye for extra effect.

False eye-lashes: If you decide to be a doll this year, why not use eyelashes on the top and bottom of your eyes to give your eyes a larger, fuller effect?

Brushes: Choose your brushes carefully when doing your Halloween make-up! You’ll want the right width lines to create the effect you want…

Plus, here are a couple of our favourite tutorials on YouTube – have fun!

Half Skeleton, Half Human Tutorial:

Zombie tutorial from The Walking Dead make-up/visual effect team: