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Body Treatments/MASSAGE

Reward your body for all its hard work. The ultimate pampering experience...

Massage Treatments

Please shower before your massage appointment, as we advise against showering or swimming for a minimum of 3-4 hours after to ensure maximum benefits from the essential oils.

Back, Neck and Shoulders Massage   £37
Duration | 25 minutes
‘Head in the Clouds’ Head & Scalp   £37
Duration | 25 minutes
Pressure point massage to treat the face, shoulders and scalp, this treatment really does allow you to drift.
Foot & Leg Massage   £37
Duration | 25 minutes
Full Body Aromatic Massage | £52
Duration | 55 minutes
Using pre-blended essential oils to soothe, de-stress and calm the nervous system. A thoroughly relaxing and excellent ‘switch’ off’ treatment with a pleasant blend of aromatic scents.
Body & Mind | £84
Duration | 1 hour 20 minutes
A calming full body massage with essential oils chosen to suit your particular requirements extended into the scalp  …sheer bliss!
Tiger Lava Shells Massage | Full Body £60 | Back Massage £43 | Back & Back of Legs £51
Duration                 |  55 minutes | 25 minutes | 40 minutes
An indulgent and truly pampering massage treatment combining the warmth of the shells with a deeply relaxing massage technique. The shells will ease away all tension and stress.
Hot Stones Therapy | £67
Duration | 1 hour 10 minutes
Commencing with a full body brush, heated smooth lava stones are used during this gentle full body and scalp massage.
Warm Bamboo Back Massage | £46
Duration | 40 minutes
In bamboo massage, hollow bamboo canes are used as a massage tool, either warmed or at room temperature.
Sports and Injury Massage | 30 mins £43 | 60 mins £62 
Beneficial treatment suited to each individual's needs. Helps with day to day muscular tension or enhances sports performance. Regular massage can help to prevent injury, loss of mobility and increases flexibility.
Each massage concludes with warm aromatic infused mitts, circulated on your back to aid the release of toxins and ease muscle tension. This is followed by the application of an invigorating cooling menthol gel. It is the perfect addition to your massage!

Luxury Body Treatments

Back Cleanse | £43
Duration | 45 minutes
A facial for the back, including exfoliation, massage and mask.
Vital Harmony – Exfoliation radiance wrap | £54
Duration | 55 minutes
To eliminate dry skin, we will exfoliate and apply a luxurious cream mask, before wrapping you in a warm cocoon.
Mother To Be | £54
Duration | 55 minutes
Toning treatment to aid in prevention of stretch marks and fluid retention and heavy legs.
Full Body Exfoliation | £36
Duration | 25 minutes

Inch Loss

The ‘Universal Contour Wrap’ |  £69
Duration | up to 1 hour 60 minutes
An instant inch loss treatment, where we guarantee a minimum loss of 6 inches which will last up to 30 days – single treatment

Course of 3 (to be paid in full on first visit)  | £185

Not all treatments suitable during pregnancy. Please ask for more information at the time of booking.