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Benefit from our professional expertise...

Specialist Treatments

Administrated by Doctors/Surgeons/Jane Potter (Please call for clinic dates).

Consultations with Jane Potter (over 25 years of experience) 30 min £25
For cosmetic surgery advise, referrals, specialist skin diagnosis and suggested treatments.
Veins/Skin Tags/Mole Removal | £75
Includes full consultation and where necessary a G.P. referral. (Legs cannot be treated – treatment referral Sclerotherapy).
Vit-A-Plus Age Control | £50
Using retin A.  An advanced vitamin A compound technology that works together with vitamin E to diminish and refine lines. Skin hydration is increased, skin will be revitalised and renewed for a glowing complexion.
*A consultation and allergy test is required (free of charge) a minimum of 24 hours prior to treatment.



Cosmetic Peels

Deep Glycolic JAN MARINI Acid Peel 40% | £50   70% | £55
(Differing strengths depending upon your individual skin type) – please call for more information. Can treat a variety of skin conditions and is suitable for oily skins/acne, scar tissue, hyper-pigmentation, dull, photo-ageing, UV damaged, lined skin or age prevention.  Peels start  at £55
C'esta | £47
All skin types, Lipid soluble, intense vitamin C and DAE complex work as a powerful antioxident. Encourages collagen production, repairs free radical damage and enhances facial tone. Achieve instantly visible results for smoother, brighter, more supple, firmer lifted and contoured skin.
Age Prevention and Intervention | £45.00
All skin types. A new concept in anti ageing and skin regeneration. Immediate resurfacing and regeneration using powerful anti ageing and anti inflammatory rebuilding peptide bonds technology,
Retinol A Plus | £55.00
Achieve immediate re-texture and refinement. Through utilising the highest concentration of retinol to assist with lines, wrinkles, sun damage, hypo/hyper pigment, course skin, enlarged pores and facial discoloration.


PRIORI Cosmeceuticals Idebenome Superceutical Propeel | £75 per peel
The new generation of advanced anti-oxidant peel – clinically proven to be powerful in the prevention of free radical damage, photo ageing and wrinkles. Recommended as one-off anti-age preventive peel to instantly brighten and improve texture. (For the more established dermal damage a course of 6)
Information sheets available on all specialist peels and clinics, for any assistance and guidance you will be referred directly to Jane, for personal professional advice.

No downtime, erythema or recovery after a Peel Treatment.


Cosmetic Enhancement

Administrated by Doctors/Surgeons/Jane Potter (Please call for clinic dates)

Please call the salon where you will be referred to Jane Potter, a clinical specialist, to discuss suggested treatments and clinic dates (information sheets available)  | prices from £250

*Botox – A purified toxin to reduce muscular tension in lines and wrinkles – safe non-chirurgical procedure.

*Filler Clinics – (variety of fillers) – Gel like substances to plump, fill lines, folds and creases.

*Paris Lip – A lip enhancement to create a fuller pout.

*The above treatments are administrated by a cosmetic surgeon and require a consultation of £40.


Gift Vouchers/loyalty discounts cannot be used for any Clinical Treatments.

Not all treatments are suitable during Pregnancy. Please ask for more information at the time of booking.


Permanent Make Up

Applied by Polly Vincent, Harley Street trained. Permanent Make Up imitates perfectly applied cosmetics, with natural looking results that can be subtle or as dramatic as you want.

Stay Perfect Eyeliner | £299

Brow Revival Eyebrows | £299

Lip Perfection liner & Blush | £299

2 Areas | £549 SAVE £50

3 Areas | £798 SAVE £99