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Relax whilst we pamper and care for your skin...


Aphrodite Aroma Facial | £38
Duration | 45 minutes
The Beauty Studio's signature facial. This treatment involves exfoliation, massage followed by a mask. Using only the finest natural aromatherapy oils you will be left with renewed and rejuvanated skin.
Collagen Facial | £52
Duration | 55 minutes
This treatment really plumps out the skin, minimising fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin deeply hydrated, firm and even.
Course of 3 – 1 per week | £146



All Decléor facials begin with a pressure point massage after which your therapist will carry out one of the following custom treatments.

Aromaplasty | £47
Duration | 55 minutes
Decléor's signature treatment can be adapted to suit your own individual skin type. Using our enriched vitamin mask your skin will be left feeling hydrated and revitalised.
Sheer Calm |  £52
Duration | 55 minutes
The combination of natural essential oils work as a calming and soothing treatment comforting stressed, sensitive skin types. You will benefit from a re-balanced, smooth and restored complexion.
Vital Aromaplasty | £59
Duration | 1 hour 10 minutes
The above Aromaplasty treatment incorporating Vital Eyes. This treatment is a complete renewal for your face.
Vital Aroma Lisse Anti Age | £64
Duration | 1 hour 10 minutes
The ultimate skin refresh facial. This intensive anti-ageing treatment targets key problem areas prone to ageing including the eyes, mouth and neck. Vital Evidence is perfect for reducing puffiness, dark circles and signs of fatigue.
Aroma Lisse Anti Age £64
Duration | 55 minutes
A skin lifting and firming anti-ageing intensive mask that will give you dramatic results for stressed and fatigued skin.
Vital Eyes £37
Duration | 40 minutes
Put the sparkle back... reduces puffiness, softens lines, diminishes fatigue, dark circles, improves lymph, leaving you with ‘Bright Eyes’. 


Hydradermie |  £52
Duration | 1 hour 10 minutes
Tailored precisely to your needs, this treatment will deep cleanse, hydrate, tone, firm and rebalance your skin. Unlike some salon treatments your complexion will benefit from a fresh appearance that will last for weeks.
Hydradermie Plus | £62
Duration | 1 hour 20 minutes
As above, however designed to solve specific ageing skin issues particulary in the eye and neck area. By using intensive serums and massage techniques this treatment targets these more delicate areas.
Hydra Lift |  £45
Duration | 40 minutes
Want an instant lift? This treatment stimulates facial muscles to give them increased tone.
Course of 6 – to be booked and paid in full on 1st visit. |  £250
Hydra Lift Deluxe | £72
Duration | 1 hour 40 minutes
As hydradermie lift but incorporating the original hydradermie treatment.
Collagen Hydra Lift | £72
Duration | 1 hour 25 minutes
The hydra lift combined with the collagen facial a fantastic anti-ageing treat!
Liftosome Facial | £57
Duration | 55 minutes
Developed to treat mature skins contains high concentrations of vitamin C & proteins, which promote firmness and cellular renewal.
Beauté Neuve | £47
Duration | 55 minutes
This facial uses fruit acids & vitamins to provide a re-newing effect on the skin. Dead skin cells are removed taking away that dull and congested appearance, revealing a healthy and much more radiant complexion.
Not all treatments suitable during pregnancy. Please ask for more information at the time of booking.